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Pictures don’t sell.
Copy sells.

So if you clicked to get to this page, you probably saw the doggie website screenshot on my home page to get here. That site doesn’t look so modern or so fancy, does it? This customer had zero budget for design…

But you know what?

That site converts like… 100%! And this dog groomer gets complements every week about how much people liked reading her site, how much they feel like they already know her just from her site, and feel like “she’s the one.” They hire her immediately.

So you see…  The site design isn’t the power. The copy is.

Website design is an art for sure, and I’m not saying I’m a graphic artist. While I have a very talented graphic artist on my team, I chose to specialize in what really makes a website effective (a.k.a. sell), and the only thing that converts browsers into buyers is the copy.

Think about it… what do you or anyone else go online for?

Information, right?

When you land on a website the first thing us humans do is check out the pretty pictures. Then our logical brain starts to take over and make sure the site looks legitimate… like they’re a real business you can trust.

These 2 things happen in a split second and then your brain gets down to business… the business of finding what you’re looking for.

And the only way you can learn what a site has to offer is by reading the copy. Even if there is a picture of a product your brain still requires INFORMATION about this product to pull out your wallet and buy it.

Believe me… I trained in NeuroMarketing. Pictures don’t sell. Copy sells.

Where you place copy and graphics matter…

Aside from offering the most valuable part of a website, its copy, I also am trained in where to place the copy in relation to all the graphics on a webpage for the most efficient use of space and highest potential click-through’s and conversion.

Some of my website content creation and layout expertise comes from testing, and some from top “visual communications” designers I’ve worked with over the years, who were trained by Ogilvy & Mather, a legendary ad firm.

But to be honest, a lot of how I know what should go where and which pictures and layout would be most effective comes from all my years of education and experience in business communications and how people operate on the internet, and specifically, what is going on in their BRAIN as they travel through webpages.

So if you have a website design or production product, let’s talk!