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Tom Breeze ADUCATE YouTube Video Ads

Recognized as the world’s most successful YouTube video advertising expert, and a true pioneer in internet advertising, you really can’t get better than Tom Breeze. Nor can you find a nicer, cooler person with the most engaging UK accent you’ll never get tired of hearing. 

In 2021, I trained in Tom’s Viewability ADUCATE model, and his newest (2021) Discovery Ads method. I had the priveledge of being personally trained by Tom’s top two YouTube video ad copywriters, and continue to work with several of Tom’s proteges in his highly exclusive “Ad Buyer’s Club.”

This is truly some of the most valuable experience I’ve ever had for slam-dunk marketing that works, because the numbers don’t lie.

With Tom’s “Pay for Results” financial model, Viewability and Tom’s Ad Buyer’s Club partners are now the highest-spending, performance-based YouTube advertising campaigns worldwide. With daily YouTube viewership now streaming into the millions and even billions of hits and views, Tom’s method of target marketing cuts through it all to get your video ad hitting the CPA Bullseye.