Direct-Response Copywriting

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Website Copywriting

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Email Copywriting

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YouTube Video Ad Script and Storyboarding (ADUCATE)

Let your visitors easily contact you. The builtin readymade contact form makes it easier for clients to contact.

I love getting so many over-the-top accolades from every client I work with. The testimonials on every page show the high quality and effectiveness of my work and the way I work with others.

(Clearly I love copywriting and working with people!)

"In 21 days, we generated almost $1 million in online sales. The email open rates were a staggering 112% (it went viral), click-through rates were a whopping 88% AND the clicks-to-conversions (sales) were 26% — WOW!!"

Ed Ernsting, MSquared Marketing & Dr. Alex Loyd, The Master Key

"I appreciate how you took the time to truly understand my project and write copy that is spot on. That’s rare these days. After spending big $$$ with big companies, I wish I had found you sooner!"

Bob Grant, Top-Selling ClickBank Author

"As a direct marketing expert myself, I can honestly say that Elin Marie is one of the very best sales copywriters – period! It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, she truly knows how to create copy that will increase your internet sales dramatically."

Dale Parkinson, VP Corporate Outsource Solutions

"Elin quickly became the star of our marketing group. While she is highly prolific, the brilliant high quality of Elin's work set her apart from all others. She was able to pick up quickly on highly technical concepts, and to then translate those concepts into easily readable, benefit-oriented web and advertising copy."

Phil Ryder Former Vice President, OSIsoft

"WOW! You are a real find. I am really, REALLY impressed with your web copy writing knowledge and ability. It is the first positive experience I've had with our website project. There's *no* way we could have written what you produced. You were totally able to understand what we do, what our product is and write copy that effectively sells to our market. Bravo!"

David Kass President, Kass EnterprisesName