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Internet Marketing 101

Let me show you how to work the web
…to your advantage

For years I taught Online Marketing to entrepreneurs at the college in my area. I remember the biggest challenge was to show people what it really takes to succeed BIG on the web… without totally blowing them away with the vast amount of parts and pieces that need to come together.

The simplest way to think of your online business is that is has two basic components:

The first is your website or different sales pages that close a sale, which are traffic converters. However the best copy and coolest website in the whole world won’t do a thing unless people find it.

That’s why the second component of a successful online business is everything you have in place “outside” your sales pages — all over the internet. It’s the strategic and relevant digital marketing you create to drives people to your sales pages. These are your traffic generators. YouTube, Facebook, and other social media, paid ad campaigns, online articles, and mailing to email lists are all examples of traffic generators.

While web copywriting is the primary element of traffic conversion (to close more sales), traffic generators are those things that drive traffic to your website(s). Those traffic generators should also serve another critical purpose, which is to create a stronger, more trusted relationship each time your message touches the reader.

Today we create simple yet sophisticated “funnels” to walk people through our message… as if we’re taking them by the hand and leading them step by step in the direction we want them to go. That could be to join our webinar, sign up for our free “lead magnet” and eventually funnel into a sale.

It’s particularly effective if you give prospects a choice of different directions that could take to interact with you, such as different topics or pain points, and match the right product to their specific needs and wants. The Ask Method funnel, which I’ve been trained in through its creator, Ryan Levesque, is a great example of doing this in an extremely user-friendly way.

So you see… Gone are the days you can just put a website up and in would come the traffic and sales. You gotta work for that traffic, and even harder for the sale.

In today’s extremely crowded online world, you must have a mix of online “assets” all scripted and produced with laser focus on the true value of the different products and services you offer and customize your message to show and prove in multiple ways how it will help a person.

Online assets such as opt-ins, webinars, videos, having a YouTube Channel, giving away e-books, email campaigns, and publishing different pieces of free high-value content… all work towards priming your prospect to get to know you.

Though some may buy on a first landing to your sales funnel, most will not. You’re lucky to get 1-10% sales from all that effort. However if you keep interacting with them and letting them know you understand THEIR needs, well, it’s just a matter of time before they trust you and take the leap to buy from you. Done right, you’ll have raving fans who will follow and buy from your for years. That’s the goal.

If (and only if) your copy is good, and your funnel caters to their needs, will they will stick with you. They will allow you to educate them, earn their respect and trust, foster a relationship, and ultimately, close the sale, and ask for repeat or new purchases. One false move, however, they can be gone in seconds, never to return. All that work for nothing.

For this I highly recommend the Ask Funnel. It’s a proven model that is as close to guaranteed to ring in customers and sales when done right.

The internet marketing I specialize in will keep you and what you offer in front of prospects and customers, speaking their language… talking about their needs. Doing this right not only builds your website’s value and popularity, but a trusted relationship with your followers – one where they trust and like you

Why is this so critical to your online marketing success? It goes back to Online Marketing 101… People buy and continue to buy from people or companies they trust and like. Period.

That’s why you must continue to engage with your audience. It’s not an option these days. A-level copywriting is not a luxury or something you skimp on. It’s the heart and soul of your online marketing and whether or not you capture people’s attention (traffic) and get them to buy from you again and again (conversion).

Contact me at elin AT thewriteeffect DOT com to schedule a call so you can learn what to do, and what not to do, to improve your traffic exposure and capture leads, sales, and loyal customers.