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Is Your Copy Selling… or Struggling? I can help!

There’s Pure Profit in a Critique-to-Crush-It Session

Most business owners could really use a little help getting their copy to convert, or convert higher. That’s why I offer customized copy critiquing to get your VSL or sales page in its best working order, which then improves its potential for its highest possible conversions.

Step-by-step I will review, analyze, and show you exactly where your copy is falling short. I’ll find those elements or sections in your copy that must be stronger, clearer, and more compelling to grab your reader’s attention and not just keep but amplify their interest and curiosity all the way to the buy button.

In particular, I’ll clarify if your hook, headline, and intro copy is a winner, and if it isn’t, what needs to be done to fix that problem. If these crucial pieces are weak in any way, you’ll most likely lose potential buyers within the first minute, or even the first few seconds!

I’ll also identify missing sections and transitions, and possible objections that must be addressed right where they’re likely to pop up, so your copy doesn’t give prospects reasons to click away.

The result is that each part of your VSL or sales page will be optimized to build strong relationships and even stronger sales. It’s your opportunity to turn first-time prospects into long-term buyers that can potentially add up to millions of dollars.

As my good friend and world-class copywriter Parris Lampropoulos said…

“Always get critiques. One of the best ways to get better is to get critiques.” 

When I critique your copy, I will:

  1. Analyze each section of your VSL, sales page, or your entire funnel. (More than one session is required to critique entire funnels).Help you find your best story and tell you how to build it (sequencing).
  2. Deduce through research, if you’ve found a truly unique “million dollar HOOK” to showcase the theme of your story; and if not, let’s find it!

  3. Ensure that each essential section of a winning VSL or sales letter is included, in the proper/most powerful sequence.

  4. Pump up your proof power – another huge section where potential buyers are lost. No boring, confusing, or weak science or other proof elements are allowed.

  5. Transition into your offer – there are different, and better, ways to do this to keep readers glued as you start your hard sell.

  6. The close – all the hard work is done, now make sure you get the sale!

Email elin@thewriteeffect.com for a copy critique or talk about other ways I can help you.

What is the price of sales copy that isn’t optimized? 

Promotions and funnels that fail cost you dearly in money and time, and especially disappoint in lost opportunities that could have been. With my help, you’ll not only walk away with a promotion that has higher potential for engagement and conversion… you will have learned many secrets of direct-response copywriting that keeps prospects glued to your promotion from beginning to end.

Email elin@thewriteeffect.com for a copy critique or talk about other ways I can help you.

Why Am I Qualified To Make A Big Difference In Your Copy’s Performance?

I’m a sales copywriter who is highly specialized in the direct-response form of writing, particularly in Video Sales Letters (VSL’s) and long-form sales letters (webpages). I’m also a veteran in crafting all parts of a direct-response funnel, so I know where VSL’s and main sales pages fit into the bigger picture and how each part affects the other.

Before focusing solely on internet promotion over 15 years ago, I spent over 25 years in real-world sales and marketing, finishing my brick-and-mortar career as a National Sales Manager, which has proven to be invaluable buying/selling psychology and face-to-face customer insight that I apply to all copy.

What I write and teach is proven… by hard number conversions across many different clients and businesses. I’ve partnered with several industry-leading clients, such as Agora Marketing, Lee Euler, The Healthy Back Institute, Joe Barton Publishing, and many more, mostly in the alternative health field.

Here’s what customers and industry-leading colleagues say…
And what
you can expect when you work with me…

“Please say hello to Elin Marie. She’s my first choice to help with your copy needs. Here’s why…

First, she’s a top VSL writer, studied directly alongside Jon Benson (I was there with her in his living room)…

Second, she understands launch copy inside and out…

Third, she understands the health, weight-loss, expert author market, among other niches, and has worked with many big names in those spaces…

And best of all, she’s super cool to work with and delivers for her clients. Seriously… she’s an inspiration for us all. Her wisdom and work ethic are incredible.

In addition to all that, she’s experienced in mentoring other copywriters, so she’s keen in helping business owners build the right team to get the job done right.”

Kevin Rogers
CEO, Copy Chief

“Elin is totally solid… hire her! I’ve had the pleasure of both directly coaching and working with Elin. She personally trained under me and has extremely strong copywriting skills. She’s one of the most faithful copywriters to my tenets of VSL formulas.”

Jon Benson
Creator of the VSL

“Elin’s piece for Advanced Brain Power is excellent!! She’s got it – big time. It really is fantastic work!”

Lee Euler
Copywriting Legend
President, Natural Health Insiders, Cancer Defeated
Awakening from Alzheimer’s & Regain Your Brain

“Your VSL is a clear beat-down of the existing control! Your copy got 10 orders for every 1 one the control got on one list, 8 to 1 on another list, and 4 to 1 on another!”

Jeremey Hunsicker
Marketing Director for Lee Euler

“First of all, THANK YOU ELIN! Thank you for this work of art. We have traveled a long way to get to this point (a 9-10% converting VSL). I have never seen or met a copywriter who dedicates him/herself to his/her work like Elin. We had done the research together and also brainstormed all the ideas… but Elin never stops surprising me. It’s like she reads my mind. The writing process of the VSL developed a real friendship and working partnership, and this is something that’s harder and harder to find these days.

Her techniques are truly amazing and she definitely is a master of her craft. I myself know a thing or two about copywriting and there couldn’t be a more accurate outcome. Elin is indeed the Goddess of Copywriting and a true friend. So I suggest jumping on board and don’t blink cause…you snooze, you lose! And I wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity to work with Elin if I were you. Keep up the phenomenal work Elin!”

Stavariu Mihai
Miracle Food Farm

“I would like to introduce you to Elin Marie, a very talented copywriter who has written the copy for a number of very successful digital marketing product launches. She was personally trained by Jon Benson, the original creator of the video sales letter, and is very highly regarded. She’s a superb direct-response copywriter, but that’s only part of what makes her a dream to work with. Her commitment to quality service and to delivering an exceptional experience to her clients puts her in a class all her own. Not only does she produce copy that converts, she’s just a joy to work with. In an industry that tends to attract its fair share of flaky people, Elin is one you can count on.”

Dush Ramachandran
Founder, CEO, COO
The Net Momentum

Experience that makes all the difference…

I provide the following story about my experience because, once you read the entire process I created, you’ll see that it’s exactly what is needed to write strong, compelling direct-response copy (especially VSL’s) that are created specifically for high conversions.

Couple all my real-world experience with the training and knowledge I’ve gained by working with copywriting legends such as Jon Benson, Lee Euler, and Agora Marketing, and you get a sales copywriter who is a true expert.

You simply can’t cut corners in direct-response copy. Over the last 25 years, I’ve developed a system, and have in-depth the training with many copywriting legends to write KILLER WEB COPY THAT SELLS.

For many years I worked for a major software company who sold multi-million dollar installations to global companies all over the world in the process industries of deep, heavy manufacturing. For example, this software is used to run the entire power grid of China, it’s currently running on virtually every oil rig and refinery in the world, and every pharmaceutical company in the world uses it because it’s the leading software in compliance tracking.

As a case study program manager, a position that I created due to the dire need I saw within OSIsoft for more effective marketing communications, I worked extensively with almost every industry on the planet, including most of the major pharmaceuticals. I traveled to meet with companies such as Merck and Pfizer in Ireland, and Bayer Global in Switzerland. Other industries I worked extensively in include chemical companies such as BASF in Germany and Dow Corning in the U.S., Pulp & Paper manufacturers such as Weyerhaeuser and Georgia Pacific, Food & Beverage powerhouses such as Budweiser and Keebler, Water & Waste Management, and Metals & Mining companies, mostly in Australia and South America. I worked closely with the power industry since just about every major Power Grid in the world relies on OSIsoft to run their operation. I also worked in the Transmission & Distribution industry and Renewable Energy market, such as wind energy.

So the moral of this story is that you can throw any industry or complex process at me, and I likely have experience there! And a lot of it.

My role was to sit down with every level inside these companies, pull the real story of need and value out of their heads, and write a case study that regular people could understand and relate to, especially in how the software would solve THEIR problem.

The stories I wrote would be produced into printed and online case studies and videos, and became the most valuable resource in the company, especially for the global enterprise sales team. I was super tight with all of the high-level sales people and have included some of their testimonials below.

I wrote each case study in a “slide down easy” format so prospective clients who were considering buying the product could instantly see the same problems they were dealing with, and more importantly, the solutions that would solve their problem, backed up by bottom-line proof and real application examples. They could see how other companies in their same industry were using the software to achieve dramatically improved results.

This is exactly what is required for a VSL script or long-form sales page to convert!

To get the best story, I would travel to different companies all over the world — and that alone is valuable experience because therein lies the psychologies and attitudes of very different people. Many times I worked in-step with the top enterprise sales executives in my company, who trusted me to meet with their key customers because I have extensive sales experience myself, including previous positions as National Sales Manager and Marketing Director.

I carried out in-depth interviews with all levels within these organizations — from the CEO and president down to the plant managers, auditing, compliance, and finance departments. I needed to understand and communicate how all of the major systems that connected to our software integrated into their business and manufacturing processes, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems. These system continuously monitor the state of input devices to “make decisions” based on highly customizable applications (within our software) to control the state of output devices. 

Most of the time I was interviewing double Ph.D’s… and my job was to get the problems and requirements out of their head, which were usually quite complex, and link the solution through industry and business systems that were involved in their process. Once I had all the necessary pieces of information, I then wrote a write a clear, compelling story that prospective clients could easily understand and, without question, see undeniable proof that my company’s software resolved their problem-solution loops.

This is the same level of research and analysis that I do with my copywriting clients today – and it’s proven to produce winners every time. It’s a unique system that requires looking beyond the obvious, which is so necessary today in our competitive online marketplace.

This experience of working from top to bottom and deciphering the different ways people think, plus converting very complex explanations into a story-centric form of direct-response copy has proved to be a winning combination in writing direct-response copy for just about any industry or product, although I’ve specialized mostly in alternative health for the last 15 years.