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Website Copywriting

Let’s talk about the all-important question…

What should I write on your website?

Well for starters I don’t recommend starting any home page with “Welcome to our Website.”

But why is that you might ask? Seems like a friendly way to welcome web visitors to your website, right?


They could care less about fluff!

And care even less about YOU trying to make them feel welcome.

What they’re looking for is THEM! They want to see their problems, their predicament, their pain right up front in your copy.

They only care about what’s in it for THEM. Not you.

The other reason I don’t recommend a “Welcome to our site” line as your home page intro copy is because you are wasting your most VALUABLE real estate on your site – which is everything people see “above the fold” before they have to scroll to see more.

Also important is not to waste — or worse yet completely skip — a webpage’s HEADLINE. Would you read an article in a newspaper that didn’t have a catchy, interesting, or relevant headline? I think not.

So don’t do that on your webpages! Also, that same headline is pretty important to search engines too. It’s the 2nd thing a search engine will look for to determine if your website or webpage is relevant to what people are searching for.

Miss the opportunity catch a search engine’s attention with a headline that coded the way search engines expect it to be and the best keyword that will tell a search engine that yours in the page it should serve up to a web surfer, and they’ll never even get to your website…

Miss that opportunity to not only capture someone’s attention with the RIGHT headline and they’re outta there. 

And then last but not least if you miss the opportunity to DELIVER on that headline with body copy that is not only written to prove you know your target audience’s problem AND can deliver the BEST solution, well, then you’ve lose the entire game.

Don’t miss a single opportunity for your website to get found online, to capture the attention of your visiter and prove to them that not only do you know what they’re looking for, but have the one solution that can solve their problem – and you’ve got a WINNER!

When you’re ready to fill your website with copy that’s right on target for the entire internet search-to-sale cycle, let’s talk!