Video Sales Letters (VSLs)

Video Sales Letter (VSL) copywriting 
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Bone Broth Diet (VSL)
Script under production


“Elin is awesome and I’m so grateful that I found her! She spent tons of time diving deep into my book, my brand, and my concept, and totally captured what I wanted to say. She’s incredibly talented, and on top of that, she’s a joy to work with. I want her on my team forever!”
—Dr. Kellyann Petrucci


Miracle Food Farm (VSL) 
converting 9-10%

“We managed (with your help and experience) to get 9-10% conversion rate. Thank you so much Elin”—Stavariu Mihai

The Master Key 
4-part VSL 


Coming Soon!
The Healing Codes VSL

26% launch conversion (went viral)
Converting 3-4% list marketing 

“Elin has been the driving force behind The Master Key marketing. I have found Elin to be very talented and very kind and loving – a fabulous and rare combination.”
—Dr. Alex Loyd, N.D., PhD.

Author and developer
The Healing Codes
The Master Key

NOTE: This VSL converted well even though this client produced it with WAY too many sentences per slide. Today, I recommend only 5-9 words per slides. 

Note: The design quality and sophistication of the VSL presentation of my copy samples vary depending on client’s willingness to invest in production.

The Pimsleur Approach (VSL) 

4-5% conversion