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Sales page copywriting

Sales Page Copywriting 
partial work sample list

Miracle Food Farm

Steadily converting 9-10%


medical-breakthroughs  Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments

Steadily converting for the last 4 years between 3-8%



Dr. Alex Loyd’s Master Key sales webpage 

NOTE: This customer chose to not update and modernize the look and feel of their website design because it’s still converting very well, even after 5 years of distribution in the internet market.


DNA-website Jack Zufelt’s
DNA of Success System
Converting 2.5-3.3%
Also designed Jack’s website.
VSL coming soon!

“Elin is the best of the best. She makes BIG sales happen. And to top if off, she’s super nice and really cares about her clients and the success of their project!”
Jack M. Zufelt
  “Mentor to Millions”
  International speaker
 Best-selling author



Wrote Home page and dozens of online articles

Relationship Headquarters

“I appreciate how you took the time to truly understand my website project. That’s rare these days. After spending big $$$ with big companies, I wish I had found you sooner!”
Dr. Bob Grant
“The Relationship Doctor”
Top-Selling ClickBank Vendor





Kass Enterprises

Coming soon!
SlenderSize sales page