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Email Copywriting

For Email Copy That Converts – test, test, test!

I’ve studied lots of email gurus and have meticulously trained in programs and formulas from Ryan Deiss, Jon Benson, Ryan Levesque, Kevin Rogers, Chris Orzy, Jonathan Mizel, Tim Gross, Maria Veloso, and others.

Today I combine all the best from everything I’ve learned in email marketing with a couples decades of good ol’ fashion EXPERIENCE crafting and testing email after email to know what works.

But guess what?

It’s always changing. The “tricks of the trade” and messages grow old.

That’s why I always have my nose in training programs, studying other people’s emails, and work with testers on an ongoing basis to write fresh, new, curiousity and story-inspired emails that attract, get opened, and clicked through.

If you have a list you’re selling to, you know it’s all about testing and optimizing. That’s why I write multiple different subject lines and email copy that is much like a mini sales page with a hook and embedded direct-response persuasion techniques… and emails that are short and sassy… and emails that tell a great story… and every kind of email in between!

People get bored with boring emails. Look at how fast we all delete emails…  just because they have subject lines that aren’t treated as important as a headline on a sales page. But that’s exactly what a subject line is… a headline for an email.

I believe you have to work even hard and be extra creative in writing email subject lines to grab someone’s attention. Because subject lines are sitting there all alone. Fighting for space in your reader’s inbox, competing with dozens of other subject lines above and below it. At least a sales page has pictures and intro copy to look at besides the headline.

That’s why I really pour over email copy I write, and might write dozens of subject lines to consider or test. I take each one very seriously, and try to impress upon the business owners I work with to treat each email they send like the last time they’ll talk to that person on their list. If that was the case, what would they say? Would they rush through writing that email just to get it “over with” so they can move onto “more important things,” like their sales page of VSL?

Well here’s the thing… the potential buyers on your list will never SEE your sales page or VSL if they don’t get past your email, will they? See how important it is to THINK about what each email should say (I’m talking about strategy and unique creativity here).

Remember: the money’s in the list.

It’s about creating relationships, loyalty, and repeat customers through the emails you send. And it only takes ONE bad email to turn off a follower and opt-out of your list.

So let’s get out there and craft every email to be a home run. Like it’s a rocket taking off into cyberspace to do the impossible, which today is getting the attention of a very distracted, information-innudated reader.

Of course not every email ends up being a grand slam, but you still write each one with that intent. Let’s use email to carry on a genuine conversation that builds relationships with long-time customers and potential buyers, with email copy that earns and deserves their attention.