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Direct-Response Copywriting

What is Direct-Response Copywriting?

Direct-response copy is writing in a way that influences a reader to take immediate action.

Often, this influence “flies under a person’s radar” via embedded commands, using copy psychology (i.e. neuromarketing) that motivates prospects to become purchasers.

Direct-response copywriting techniques include powerful psychological triggers based on almost hypnotically persuasive language, yet goes undetected by the reader because it’s “embedded” within content that is more editorial in nature, instead of sounding like an obvious sales pitch.

Ideally the copy is also very educational and “comforting” to the reader as well, which is a strategic copywriting technique hall-of-fame copywriter Gary Bencivenga teaches. Copy that convinces your reader without a doubt that you deeply understand them and their problem, and that you have a unique and proven solution they haven’t heard of before… is comforting to them, even if they don’t consciously realize it.

The immediate action that direct-response copy encourages could be anything, such as getting your prospect to:

  • Stay interested and curious enough to keep reading
  • Sign up for a free offer, report, or other giveaway
  • Click to read more (take the next step in your funnel)
  • Buy from you!
  • Take your upsell offer
  • And come back again and again

Or course this kind of consumer behavior is what every internet business owner wants. And with the right approach and an understanding of what’s really behind every word, direct-response copy is specifically “tuned” to switch your reader from prospect to happy purchaser, ideally before they leave the page.

And if that doesn’t happen, you can increase the odds that you will close the sale in the future with direct-response copy throughout your entire funnel that continues to engage and elicit a response from your follower until they do buy 🙂