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Long- and short-form, direct-response copywriting, Video Sales Letters (VSLs), emails, online article, and website design samples. NOTE: website and VSL design sophistication vary depending on client’s willingness to invest in production.

Video Sales Letter (VSL) copywriting 
partial work sample list


Bone Broth Diet (VSL)
Script under production


“Elin is awesome and I’m so grateful that I found her! She spent tons of time diving deep into my book, my brand, and my concept, and totally captured what I wanted to say. She’s incredibly talented, and on top of that, she’s a joy to work with. I want her on my team forever!”

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci


Miracle Food Farm (VSL) 
converting 9-10%

“With your help and experience I’m thrilled I’m getting a 9-10% conversion rate. Thank you so much Elin”

Stavariu Mihai
Internet Entrepreneur


“Absolutely brilliant copywriting Elin! Thank you so much for all your hard work.”
Georgia Foster



The Drink Less Mind

“I was becoming overwhelmed with the whole VSL copywriting world but somewhere along the way the gods led me the right way – to Elin.  Being an Australian and living in Britain, I was a little nervous of working with an American, as sometimes our sense of humour can be different. However, Elin and I hit it off straight away and she really ‘got’ my approach and the goals of my work, which made it so easy to move forward and leave her to get on with it.  Elin has worked tirelessly to make sure I have been happy with my VSL and now we are looking forward to testing it in the affiliate world. Any questions please feel free to contact me at

Georgia Foster
Drinking Psychologist, Hypnotist
Internet Entrepreneur



NOTE: This VSL converted well even though this client produced it with WAY too many sentences per slide. Today, I recommend only 5-9 words per slides.

Coming soon!
The Healing Codes VSL

The Master Key 
(4-part VSL) 

26% launch conversion (it went viral)
Converting 3-4% list marketing. 

“Elin has been the driving force behind The Master Key marketing. I have found Elin to be very talented and very kind and loving – a fabulous and rare combination.”

Dr. Alex Loyd, N.D., PhD.
Author and developer
The Healing Codes
The Master Key


Sales Page Copywriting and Website Design 
partial work sample list

Miracle-Food-Farm Miracle Food Farm

Steadily converting 9-10%

medical-breakthroughs  Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments

Steadily converting for the last 4 years between 3-8%


Dr. Alex Loyd’s
Master Key sales page

NOTE: This customer chose to not update and modernize the look and feel of their website design because it’s still converting very well, even after 5 years of distribution in the internet market.


Jack Zufelt’s
DNA of Success System

Converting 2.5-3.3%
Also designed Jack’s website.
VSL coming soon!

“Elin is the best of the best. She makes BIG sales happen. And to top if off, she’s super nice and really cares about her clients and the success of their project!”

Jack M. Zufelt
  “Mentor to Millions”
  International speaker
 Best-selling author


Wrote Home page and dozens of online articles

Relationship Headquarters

“I appreciate how you took the time to truly understand my website project. That’s rare these days. After spending big $$$ with big companies, I wish I had found you sooner!”

Dr. Bob Grant
“The Relationship Doctor”
Top-Selling ClickBank Vendor


Deca Aloe

“You did an amazing amount of excellent research to craft this copy into a masterpiece that explains complex processes so easily and authoritatively.”

Tom, Deca Aloe



Kass Enterprises

(pending design/distribution)


 Email Copywriting
partial work sample list

Ty Bolinger’s
The Truth About Cancer


Jack Zufelt’s
DNA of Success System
Mailed by Vic Conant


Aloe Arborescens 
Deca Aloe, International


Cercone Music Mastery


  Online Article Writing
partial work sample list

Athletic Greens


Dave M.
Insider Internet Dating


 Offline Marketing Communications 
partial work sample list

power_of_pi-200px The Power of PI
Company brochure
for OSIsoft, Inc.