Certified Web Copywriting Master

Since web copy is what makes or breaks the selling ability of your internet promotion, let’s liken this to another important decision.

Let’s say your heart is in dire need of an operation because your heart is not pumping the way it should. What kind of doctor would you choose: a general surgeon or a specialized heart surgeon?

I’ll bet if you’re life depended on it, you’d choose the one who was most likely the succeed in the operation – the specialist.

The same goes for your online business. When you’re counting on your website to bring in the customers, sales, and profits you need, you don’t hire a general writer and designeryou want someone who specializes in creating websites that sell.

The only specialist who is uniquely qualified to make your copy attract the right traffic and close the sale is a Certified Web Copywriting Master. Even better is a specialist who also has insight and skill to design a website that does not get in the way of selling.

The idea of specializing in web copy was so appealing once I discovered there are not many of these specialists available. In fact, a whopping 99% of those people who build and write websites have no idea how to measure, let alone create, a site that has a selling quotient as close as possible to a perfect 100.

You can think about specializing in this direct-response style of copywriting like getting a full-fledged medical degree. With this degree, you’d know every part to treating a patient, but you wouldn’t necessarily use all of this knowledge in every case.

Same with a Certified Web Copywriting Master. I earned this specialization by completing undergraduate and graduate coursework from Maria Veloso, mastering her 5-point formula for creating killer web copy every time.

But perhaps what I’m most proud of is being certified by VSL-inventor, Jon Benson,  as a Certified 3X Samurai Copywriter and Sellerator Specialist. I was hand-picked by Jon to personally train with him in his own home… mastering his formulas and copywriting style, which continues to dominate the internet today with the highest VSL conversions.

I’ve got to admit … earning this distinguished position was not easy. I turned in nothing but ultra exceptional work to be certified by such copywriting greats of our time.

Since then I’ve expanded my close circle of copywriting greats that I work and train with on a regular basis… including the copywriting legend Clayton Makepeace (my hero); Parris Lampropoulos (the nicest guy, and such a genius); Kevin Rogers, the founder of Copy Chief worldwide community and my personal business coach; copywriting legend Lee Euler and the brilliant, coolest guy ever, Jeremey Hunsicker; Paul Amos, the publisher of HealthSense division of Agora; and Terry Weiss, the publisher of  Agora’s Money MAPP division).

Behind everything I think and write are the world’s most tested and proven copywriting strategies and formulas

EIGHT of the greatest copywriters of all time shared their best-kept secrets with me. Some of them personally mentored me. These are the “jewels of sales copywriting” I have now mastered and pass onto you. Here are are few of them…

“Turn Words Into Cash” – 3X Sellerator
By Jon Benson
Jon Benson hand-picked me to train personally with him in his home in Malibu, California. My favorite mentor by far, Jon taught me all of his 3X Samurai copywriting formulas for writing high-converting Video Sales Letters (VSLs), sales pages, emails, and more.
“The Magic Bullets of Higher Response”
By Gary Bencivenga
He discovered the most powerful secrets ever discovered from tens of millions of dollars of scientific advertising tests for many of the largest, most successful direct marketers in America. Each secret can easily boost response by 15% to 30% or more. When used together, the cumulative effect can explode the response to 75% and sometimes even 200% or more.

I bring all of this to you. But now, with the power of Video Sales Letters that didn’t exist then, results are upwards to 500%.

“The 5-Point Formula to Web Copy That Sells”
By Maria Veloso
I personally trained under Maria Veloso and was the one student who most closely mastered the 5-point formula for creating killer web copy that sells. After training under several other copywriting greats since then, I now combine the best of the best formulas.
“Breakthrough Advertising”
By Eugene Schwartz
He was the Grand Master at Market Awareness, Sophistication, Saturation, and persuasive devices that have been meticulously tested and re-tested, including: Intensification, Identification, Gradualization, Redefinition, Mechanization, Concentration, and many more proven strategies.
“The Art of the Irresistible Offer”
By Clayton Makepeace
This is the strategy of genuinely appealing to the part of your prospect’s psyche that is making the purchase decision — their EMOTIONS.

Real-world experience is far superior
…and b
rings extraordinary results

It isn’t just talent in creating words that inspire people to want what you have that sets me apart; it’s the decades of sales and marketing experience I gained out in the field as a national sales manager and marketing director for different companies, before I set my sights on web copywriting.

Most copywriters got a degree in English or Journalism, wrote for printed materials, then tried to transfer their skills over to the web copywriting world, which doesn’t work very well.

Others came from the field of graphic or web design and can certainly make a pretty site, but have NO CLUE how to even begin writing web copy that sells.

Most so-called sales copywriters have no real-world sales experience, let alone field sales and marketing experience with a business degree to back it up … BUT I DO.

When you work with me, you’re not just paying for writing … you’re paying for my expertise, research, understanding of sales and human psychology, my education and training from many other master copywriters, and my professionalism.

There is no way I could write such effective sales copy that actually converts to sales without all my years of real-world sales and marketing experience, including:

  • Degree in Business Communication  Arizona State University/San Diego State University
  • 3X Sellerator Certified Copywriter by Jon Benson, who many revere as the inventor of the Video Sales Letter (VSL). I was hand-selected by Jon to personally mentor under him in his own home, learning all of his formulas and legendary style of copywriting.
  • Certified Web Copywriting Master  by Maria Veloso
    (creator of www.undergroundhealthreporter.com). I earned the #1 spot as her closest protege in mastering her many rock-solid formulas.
  • National Sales Manager  managed and mentored hundreds of sales people and teams; sold to largest national accounts. Believe me… I’ve lived and breathed the heartbeat of sales and marketing.
  • Marketing Specialist  planned, wrote and produced company and special niche brochures and sales videos for multi-million enterprises across virtually every industry (see below). Worked directly with the art director at Ogilvy and Mathers, one of the largest, most respected advertising agencies on the planet.
  • Traveled and worked closely with presidents, senior executives, managers, and operators in every department at large global companies in dozens of different industries, such as:

    Air Liquide (France), Roche Pharmaceuticals and Bayer Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland), BASF Chemical Company (Germany), RWE Power Int’l (U.K.), Innovene Petrochemicals (France), Dow Corning (U.S.), QNI Metals & Mining (Australia), Cargill (U.S.), Citgo Gas (U.S.), and many more organizations around the world.

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